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What a great and much needed day!! After beating all of my 4th of July desires it was necessary to have a day of no urges. My husband and I took the two and half hour drive from Kona to home, which was a pleasant way to pass the time. Once we got to Hilo we did some much needed shopping. We went to Macy’s to get cookware for our new apartment in Kona. My husband got the job at the resort in Kona, so we will have the luxury of living on site rent free.

I plan Glycolic Acid Exfoliant on cooking a lot when my cleanse ends so I want to be prepared. I’m in a good place in my life and I am excited to become more domestic. I cooked for my family, and at the end felt burned out and I really didn’t want to cook all that much. Since then, It has been about 8 years, and I’m ready to get back into the Chemical Peel Cost game; fortunately, the timing couldn’t be better. I have slowly started putting on the weight and I feel like it is all catching up with me, which is why I wanted to start with a nice body cleanse. Do you enjoy cooking and if so what is your favorite dish?

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